2018 Festival Press Release - General

Taiwanese Canadian Cultural Festival to Debut in July

2018 Taiwanese Canadian Cultural Festival to Debut in July

The Taiwanese-Canadian Cultural Festival (TCCF) will be held in Queen Elizabeth Theatre Plaza in downtown Vancouver for two days from 3 pm on July 14th and 15th. Admission is free for the two-day outdoor event. Your family is welcome to experience the most memorable culture and arts exchange this summer!

There will be a stage-performance by the Taiwu Ancient Ballads Troupe of Taiwu Elementary School from Pingtung, Taiwan. They had performed in the United States, Germany, France, Austria, Holland, Belgium, Estonia, Switzerland, Japan, and South Korea and their singing was acclaimed as "the sound of nature that can be seen and heard." The performances are purely traditional singing with live band accompaniment in cross-border music. The contents include daily gatherings, longing for affection, emotional exchanges, and life stories. Audience might feel as if they would join the Paiwan tribe to appreciate their ancient wisdom and harmonious traditional lifestyles and spirits with nature.

Additionally, Billy Chang, the renowned performing artists, dance creators, and the artistic director of TCCF this year, was invited to perform at the opening ceremony of July 14 at 5 pm. Do not miss his world-class show.

There are extra multicultural performances by local groups, such as traditional Scottish country dance, Zumba, Brazilian dance, Tai Chi, folk dance, Line dance, and Canadian band Sounds Global Ensemble, and exhibitions such as paintings and photograph gallery, environment-friendly paper arts, cloth arts, potted plants, children's paper arts and face paintings, bouquets and bear dolls bazaars by children with disabilities. Without exception, you won’t miss Taiwanese cuisine, education, tourism, and shops there. 

For further detail, please visit www.tccfestival.ca  or call Taiwanese Canadian Cultural Society at 604-267-0901.