Exhibition Schedule

July 12 

4:00 PM~9:00 PM

July 13

11:00 AM~9:00 PM

July 14

11:00 AM~8:00 PM

Lucy Lu

Lucy Lu graduated from The National Taiwan University of Arts and received the Alumni Award. In 1992, Lu immigrated to Vancouver, Canada. Lu has hosted two large-scale charity concerts, each with 1000 attendees, with proceeds donated to Canuck Place. Throughout her dynamic career in the arts spanning nearly 60 years, Lu has published 6 books of her artwork and held 57 individual art exhibitions.

Steven Chang

I started my sculpture creation from randomly carving a piece of bamboo. From bamboo I progressed to tree trunk, and I found the carving knife to deliver a different feeling of hardness or softness depending on the material being used. I always work hard to release the unique character or possible meaning from the bamboo or tree trunk in every piece that I create. This is a pursuit that I am always continuing to perfect. 

Annie Tsai

My artwork is mainly inspired by my traveling experience abroad, using my painting to record all the “footprints” of my diverse travel experiences. Throughout my journeys, I have encountered different culture and diverse people. Using my camera, I am able to capture the people, subjects, and events that touched my heart. With my paintbrush, I am able to create artwork to share with others that reflects how colourful and beautiful the world is. 

John Han Chang Lin  

As Lin immigrated to Canada in 1990, he is strongly influenced by western styles of painting, which is now evidently shown with his bold expressionistic style of using colours in his paintings. My work tends to focus on Colour Viscosity - the resistance of flow. Painting for me is like an experiment at the laboratory where I can adopt many pigments to control the viscosity of the paint. As the paint changes from liquid to solid, I always find “happy accident” and grace to influence the finished project. 

Jones Kan

Kan graduated from the Fine Arts Department of The National Taiwan Normal University and received a Master of Arts from The National Taiwan University of the Arts. 

Awards: Taiwan Arts Exhibition Plastic Painting Gold Award; Taiyang Arts Exhibition Plastic Painting Silver Award; Yilan Arts Exhibition Yilan Award; Canada's First Art Bridge Calligraphy and Painting Competition Calligraphy Gold Award. 

Invitations: The National Museum of History invites engraving to France for exhibitions; Spiritual Illumination Reoccurrence – Invitation to 80 Years of Taiwan Art Exhibition at the Taiwan Museum of Art; Taiwan's Ink Painting Exhibition - Invited by the National Taiwan Art Education Center; Invitation to the 3rd International Exhibition of Paintings and Calligraphy of the Asan Mountains; Invitation to the exhibitions for Taiwan, Japan, and both sides of Taiwan Strait.

Jones Kan’s Artwork has been collected by: National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts; Taoyuan City, Yilan County Cultural Bureau, Chinese Culture and Art Foundation; Ji Hui Neng Culture and Education Foundation; Friends Collection.