Artist Director -- Wen-shou Lin


Wu-Yuan Taiwanese Opera, artistic director, playwright, actress, 

municipal consultant to Yilan City Government

As a multi-talented lady in the opera world, Lin has won three literary and artistic creation 

awards from the Ministry of Education, and the second and sixth Lanyang Literature Awards. 

Lin is a playwright of more than 60 works and demonstrates her talent and professionalism in the 

production, performance and art and a wide range of interests, delicate and ingenious works, 

the innate creativity. In addition to promoting the experimental stage works with art, 

she also actively broaden the international exchange horizon of Taiwanese opera.


  1. Award-winning works: Ministry of Education Literature and Art Creation Award:

       2001, 2003, 2004;

      Lanyang Literature Award: 2006, 2004

  2. Teaching experience: Taiwanese Canadian Cultural Society, Taiwanese Opera Club;

       Wu-yuan Taiwanese Opera, Taiwanese Opera Workshop; Taiyun Opera Workshop;

       Yilan County Yousheng Drama Association; Yilan County Folklore Opera Promotion