Lovedancing group

Performing Schedule


* All programs and schedules are subject to change without prior notice 

Lovedancing Group was established in 2010 by Li-Yin Chiu for young dance-lovers in Yilan. They insist in presenting professionalism and sociability with the mandate of “Begin w ith the heart, let love spread, and let the dance be marvelous”. They expect youngsters to demonstrate their hopes and dreams and share the wonderful dance art with a heart for love and dance.

Lovedancing Group is a brand new creative dance group. The dance is blended with elements of modern life, natural beauty and humanistic emotions. It combines traditional Chinese dance with contemporary modern dance to create a fresh and diverse artistic experience. It further hopes to bring the audience a "new vitality."

For more than eight years, they have participated in various activities in Yilan County, including Luodong Yisui Festival, International Children’s Folklore and Folkgames Festival in Yilan, National Games Opening Ceremony, “Wife-carrying” Race, Yilan Valentine’s Day, Yilan Dragon Boat Racing, Jiaoxi Hot Spring Festival, Jiaoxi, Jiaoxi Drama, Arts and Cultural Event, International Music Festival in Lancheng, among others. The Group will also hold ticket sales performances periodically, try to cooperate with different art groups, and hope to use dance to connect with the society and spread joys and love with dancing!