Scottish Country Dancing

Performing Schedule

July 14

4:00 PM

* All programs and schedules are subject to change without prior notice

The “Clan Vancouver Dancers” are the performance group of the Vancouver Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society which is an international dance group based in Edinburgh, Scotland, but with branches all over the world.

This is the social dancing of Scotland – done purely for the enjoyment of the social interaction and the dance movement itself. It is danced by people everywhere at weddings, parties, and gatherings of all kinds.  It provides lively music, fun and exercise, and a chance to make new friends.  You don’t need your own partner since this is a “mix and match” activity. 

It has evolved over the centuries, and while popular dances from the 1700s are still danced, thousands of contemporary dances with clever and exciting new formations are being devised throughout the world all the time – it is a living tradition. 

There are classes available throughout the Lower Mainland for all ages. See