Wu-yuan taiwanese opera

Performing Schedule


* All programs and schedules are subject to change without prior notice 

 Founded in 2007, the Wu-Yuan Taiwanese Opera is a young troupe, but one which brings together outstanding performers. In 2008 the troupe went to the Chinese Cultural Festival in Singapore and performed a mixed routine with Body E.D.T at France’s Quai Branly Museum. In 2009, the troupe went to the Czech Republic to perform in a ten-day program of international cultural exchanges, and has a cross-genre production ”Legend of the Sung Palace” with Tao Yuan Symphonic Band. In 2010, a modern interpretation of “My Fair Shrewd” was presented and greeted with cordial applause.

The troupe has been making conscious efforts in developing the art in communities and on campus. Seminars are regularly held to train new performers, and student societies of Taiwanese Opera have been formed in several elementary and secondary schools.

The troupes are regular performers at Hotel Royal Chiao Hsi Spa and the Center for Traditional Arts in Taiwan. During the art festival, the troupe performs a classic repertoire, displaying the full beauty of Taiwanese opera through an array of elegant movements, strong vocals, and entertaining plots.