I-Lan Youth Orchestra

Performing Schedule


* All programs and schedules are subject to change without prior notice 

 I-Lan Youth Orchestra was founded in 2006, Taiwan. The orchestra, which is consisted of 100 young musicians by the annual evaluation is viewed as the most complete and outstanding youth musical groups in the Yilan area. Since its establishment, it has officially performed more than 400 performances.

Taking "Happy Music" as the core belief of founding the orchestra, younger generations of music professionals are trained and provided with ample performance opportunities to enjoy the life in music. With the ambition of Inheriting and promoting the music, the orchestra make efforts to make music more widely accepted.

The goal which has been pursuing is to combine multi-styles of music with various art and cross-border extension. In addition to combining pop music, aboriginal music and traditional local opera, the orchestra injects innovative elements, re-arranging and presenting unique style. To enhance cross- border art cooperation, I-Lan Youth Orchestra have participated in a number of art activities, such as accompanying large-scale drama and helping the dance group with soundtrack. Besides, not only do we combine the music with the artistic work but also with stage play performance, bringing the visual art into the music. 

I-Lan Youth Orchestra performs in large-scale events every year as well as show on the tour in Taiwan, regularly interacting with international musicians, inviting contemporary famous performers to perform on the same stage, and performing with the orchestra, string orchestra, chorus, classical music, and rock band. The Orchestra frequently joint performances with Taiwanese organizations and take part in international exchange performances, being invited to perform in foreign countries, including Austria, Japan, Germany, Mainland China , the Philippines, Singapore, Germany, etc., which have received high praise at home and abroad.

The I-Lan Youth Orchestra embraces all musical elements, draws on Taiwan's local energy, and uses travel performances as a musical training method to present a special interpretation of music. In addition to performing music in concert halls, outdoor performances can help interactive with audience instantly and musicians can get the feedback from audience instantly. Through the open-air concerts, Orchestra has a great hope that audience may approach music in their lives and internalize them into memories of the audience.

Passing down the traditional Taiwanese music of the opera has also become one of the important tasks of the group. The historical and literary scripts, the traditional ancient music scores, and the childhood music memories of the elders have been re-preserved, re-made and performed by the I-Lan Youth Orchestra. The new music network continues to be passed down to the next generation.


The performance on tour is to let the performers, supporters, and travellers leave the memories of life. The I-Lan Youth Orchestra has been practicing in the field for more than ten years. The young generation has grown up and returned to the orchestra to educate the next generation of young people. The same rhythm is accompanied by a group of people for another ten years. It is only time that will memorize the fragments and link them into a film of life, which will be passed on forever.